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Wendy Pullin
Where do you live now? Woodstock, ON Canada
Are you married, single,? single
Do you have children? If so how many. Tell us about them. I have 2 children Angie 26 who has two adorable boys skylar-6 and Cowyn 2 I also have a 19 yr old son More…Josh who just went out on his own.
What do you do for a living? Or are you lucky enough to be retired? I run my own day care out of my home
Do you like the idea of our NDHS web site? very cool idea
Yes! Attending Reunion
Do you have any memories of your high school years? Tell us!

wow lots of memories...mostly of just goofing off and having fun with my friends.Hanging out at the bowling alley across the street which isn't there anymore...and who can forget our art teacher Mr Van Dam...he actually inspired me to keep in touch with my creative side :).
History class with ...oops forget the teachers name...always would remind us how much our bladder would hold every time we asked to go to the washroom...lol

Are you looking forward to the reunion?

yes can't wait to see old class mates again I have not kept in touch with anyone.Will be a balst from the past!!

Do you still have family around Norwich?

My parents still live in Burgessville Tom and Shirley Blakely

How often do you get back to Norwich?

I have drove through Norwich about 10x the past few months going to visit friends

What do you do now?

I run a daycare out of own home

How did you get into that line of work?

My daughter just started College and lost her babysitter and I had just finished a course at Fanshawe so was unemployed at the time...so mom to the rescue I helped her out and ended up becoming a registered daycare...got the best of both worlds...watch my own grand kids, get paid for it and work at home...what could be better :)

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

Win a million dollars...lol

What do you like to do in your spare time?

baking, gardening, reading hanging out with friends

How old do you feel?

your as young as you feel hmm some days still 20 other days thats debatable..lol

Any grey hair yet? Women don't have to honestly answer this one:)

lol...yes two on each side and I blame it on my son...lol

What would we be surprised to know about you?

hmm...not sure guess you gotta come talk to me at the reunion and find out :)
I was a baker for awhile and just loved it :)

Did you have any nicknames in school?

lol..are you serious I'm not going there :) My name is wendy so use your imagination lol

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at NDHS?

maybe take being in school a little more seriously and change some of my courses...were some poor choices for me I think

Favorite Drinks?

Pina coladas , Captain Morgans spiced rum, and wine

Favorite sports?


Favorite Food?

anything Pasta and love my pastries... probably not a good thing

Favorite Movies?

Pirates of the Caribbean
Lord of the rings
..ahh too many to mention them all

Favorite Music?

good ole rockn roll I like alot of the new stuff though I listen to pretty much anything but rap

Famous or interesting people you've met?

does sitting in tony stewarts race car count...lol

Cool things you've done in your life?

be a mom and a grandma...lol

Any words of wisdom?

live your life to the fullest and have no regrets

Ever gone on a blind date?

yes...never again...lol

Ever helped a stranger?

yes many times..sometimes they say you never know who you are helping...could be an angel and a blessing will be waiting for you in heaven

Did you ever skip school?

too many times...we used to call and fool the secretary that it was our mom and we were going to be away for the afternoon

Ever been lost?

yes A very scarey expereince when your alone in the dark and have no clue where the hell you are ..not fun

Swam in the ocean? And where?

nope thats my dream to finally put my feet in the ocean was just miles away from one but never got the chance :(

Ever sang Karaoke?

no thanks I'll spare myself and the people around me...lol

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

yes lots of times

Made prank phone calls?

when I was younger yes used to do it alot

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose?

lol...yea sucks when its coke

Danced your heart out?

only when I'm drunk

Been kissed under the mistletoe?


Watched the sunrise with someone?

yea it was awesome...unforgettable

Blown bubbles?

do it all the time with the grand kids

Been skinny dipping?


Sat outside in the rain?

walked in the rain on a nice warm day and jumped in the middle of a big puddle ...have to keep young somehow

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