Tricia Longthorne Sanders

Profile Updated: March 30, 2010
Where do you live now? London, ON Canada
Are you married, single,? Brian Sanders
Do you have children? If so how many. Tell us about them. Kylie, born on Dec 15, 2005
Tyler, born on August 27, 2007
What do you do for a living? Or are you lucky enough to be retired? Home Daycare Provider & Norwex Consultant
Do you like the idea of our NDHS web site? yes
Yes! Attending Reunion
Do you still have family around Norwich?


How often do you get back to Norwich?

Not very

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at NDHS?

I would perhaps concentrate more on school work and less on my social life....although it was fun!

Ever gone on a blind date?

Yes, that's how I met my husband.

Ever helped a stranger?

A few times, it's a good feeling

Did you ever skip school?

Thought never crossed my mind!

Ever been lost?

Not that I'm willing to admit.

Swam in the ocean? And where?

Yes, in the Dominican Republic and Cuba

Ever sang Karaoke?

Nothing like Ozzy Ozbourne's Crazy Train after a few too many.....glad that wasn't recorded.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

Yep, got married and had children.

Made prank phone calls?

What else was there to do during the summer in Norwich??

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose?

Every time I'm out with the girls...

Danced your heart out?

Used to every weekend at Trapper's......

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