Carolyn Buckrell Buckrell-Smith

Profile Updated: April 6, 2010
Where do you live now? London, ON Canada
Are you married, single,? Desmond
Do you have children? If so how many. Tell us about them. Nathaniel, born 1988
Kyle, born 1991
Kiri, born 1993
What do you do for a living? Or are you lucky enough to be retired? Registered Nurse
Do you like the idea of our NDHS web site? yes
Yes! Attending Reunion
Do you have any memories of your high school years? Tell us!

One of my favourite memories of school was when Mr. MacNeil said "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir" to Miss Kellam. We always wondered if anyone ever told him what he said. We thought that Miss Kellam was going to faint. I think the class was just embarrased as she was.
My other favourite class was music class. I always felt so sorry for Miss Taylor as the guys would always give her such a rough time. The best one was when a couple of the guys skipped out in the middle of class and then proceeded to drive past the portable honking the horn. There was nothing that she could do about it
I think my worst memory of high school was our lovely gym uniforms. They hadn't improved much over the previous cotton balloon outfits, but they didn't leave much to the imagination.

Are you looking forward to the reunion?


Do you still have family around Norwich?


How often do you get back to Norwich?

About once every few months

What do you do now?

I am still working as a pediatric nurse at London Health Sciences Center.

How did you get into that line of work?

I spent a lot of time in the hospital when I was a child and originally I wanted revenge for all the needles that I had received.

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

I would like to travel to Egypt to see the Sphynx and ancient Greece and Rome.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to read and do jigsaw puzzles on the computer.

How old do you feel?

Some days I feel like I am 29 and others I feel like I am never going to make it to the end of the day.

Any grey hair yet? Women don't have to honestly answer this one:)

only when I haven't gotten around to opening up the box.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

That I married someone from halfway around the world and got engaged after knowing him for only 2 weeks. We will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary this summer.

Favorite Drinks?

chocolate milk

Favorite Food?

chocolate and french fries.

Favorite Movies?

The Lord of the Rings, The Abyss

Famous or interesting people you've met?

Merlin Olsen from Little House on the Prairie while working at a hospital in the US. One of the patients had just seen him on TV and was amazed at how he could get to his room so fast from the TV station.

Cool things you've done in your life?

I was the one who never wanted to leave home to go to college. I ended up living in Salt Lake City for 3 years and New Zealand for 3 years.

Any words of wisdom?

If you get the chance to travel while you are young do it. It is the best experience in the whole world. Don't wait until you can afford to do it because you never will be able to.

Ever helped a stranger?

All the time. Isn't that what being a nurse is all about?

Did you ever skip school?

I never had the nerve to do it.

Ever been lost?

I remember being lost in K-Mart one time, when I was about 5 years old. I was looking for my mother and a clerk asked me if I had lost my parents, and I said I had. I was taken up to the front counter where they paged my mother. She was furious with me because I had embarrassed her. She said why didn't you just look for me above the aisles? I said that I couldn't see above them.

Swam in the ocean? And where?

I have gone swimming in the ocean in probably the most southern part of the world where the water is still warm enough to swim in. It was off of Stewart Island which is the southernmost part of New Zealand.

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