Nancy Sprague Barnim

Profile Updated: February 14, 2010
Where do you live now? norwich, ON Canada
Are you married, single,? married
Do you have children? If so how many. Tell us about them. Two kids, Sarah born Nov 1982, Adam born Oct 1986
What do you do for a living? Or are you lucky enough to be retired? paint department @Woodstock HHBC
Yes! Attending Reunion
Do you have any memories of your high school years? Tell us!

lots of good times with Diane Edelman, Kathy Knight, and Val Rocket......met Dan Barnim who i ended up getting married to....... lol

Are you looking forward to the reunion?

looking forward to reconnecting with people that we"ve lost touch with..... i know there's going to be alot of....."do you remember............"

Do you still have family around Norwich?

still live in Norwich, my parents, both brothers and my sister all live in norwich

How often do you get back to Norwich?

lol every day

What do you do now?

department head of the paint department at Woodstock Home Hardware Building Centre

How did you get into that line of work?

started out covering a maternity leave back in 1996 and never looked back

What do you like to do in your spare time?

taking the hot rod out for cruisin'

How old do you feel?


Any grey hair yet? Women don't have to honestly answer this one:)

lol no grey hair...... I know a really fabulous hairdresser!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

nothing. i'm pretty boring

Did you ever skip school?


Swam in the ocean? And where?

went to the dominican republic and swam there

Ever sang Karaoke?

there is not enough alcohol in all of ontario to get me to sing karaoke

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